Home page of the CGIAR Newsroom. Please note that the page did NOT look like this when I worked on it. This is a NEW design that I had nothing to do with.


  • Centralized news for all of CGIAR
  • Subscribe by Email Interface


I created an RSS aggregator with an option for receiving updates via email. The CGIAR, part of the World Bank, desired to centralize their communications through the CGIAR’s newsroom and web site. When the project started, the varied departments of the CGIAR all had their own web sites, designs, CMSs, and ideas about how to get the word out about what they were doing. In 2008 I worked with the CGIAR Newsroom staff to consolidate the RSS feeds from all of there centers (where available) into a single feed on their main Newsroom web page. For centers that did not have their own web site, we included created an RSS feed for the Newsroom’s own CMS and they were encouraged to use that. In the end, users could subscribe to a single feed for all the CGIAR news.


The entire solution was done in ASP.NET in Visual Basic using XSLT to transform the XML news feedsĀ into HTML. The ability to receive alerts whenever a new article appeared was a web form that included a CAPTCHA test to minimize subscriptions by robots.