I had the distinct privilege of voting by mail for the November 4 general election and I’m glad to say it was a fairly painless process. I was even able to register to vote by e-mail (although I had to mail in my registration form via snail mail, the e-mail was sufficient for sending me a ballot).

City of Chicago Vote Receipt

On election day, Sterch’s in Chicago would give you a free beer if you showed up and presented your voting receipt. I got mine with my ballot. I wonder if they’ll email me a beer?

Voting in Chicago, well, politics in general, has always been turbulent, sometimes corrupt, and full of theatrics. Here are some links to some of the more memorable political events in recent history:

Barak Hussein Obama considers himself to be from Chicago (although he was born in Hawaii). Let’s hope that if he is elected president, we don’t see the kind of racial politics (Council Wars) that I lived through in the mid 80s in Chicago.

Here’s to a clean and fair election. May the best candidate win!

The drawbacks of sending an email formatted with HTML are many.

However, since most novice marketing people are not tech-savvy, they make the same mistake again and again in spite of pretty good evidence that HTML email is a bad idea, and given the recent spate of phishing attacks, I’m amazed that the other day I received my first bank statement for my new company via email, formatted with HTML. As you can see below, this very basic lesson still has not been learned here in Spain.

Sample bank statement sent electronically

At least the email arrived in an encrypted format and I was not prompted to download the key or anything, which means they’ve done something right… And I am otherwise pretty happy with the bank.