The Family

We’ve been in the U.S. for nearly a month now catching up with family and putting some time in at the office. Long trips such as this are usually emotionally charged due to the extended exposure to family and friends, and this trip has been no exception, but I’m writing these few words just to remind myself (and hopefully the reader) that such trips are always worth the effort as evidenced by my son’s first birthday family picture.

The title of this post is in reference to my impression of the U.S. every time I return: you are lost without a car, especially if you have children. I may regret leaving the U.S. from time to time (and usually for very superficial reasons) but one thing I don’t miss is the utter dependence on automobiles and how far everything is. My family must think I’m nuts but after nearly 5 years of walking nearly everywhere for daily needs (food, clothes, bank, government offices, etc.) my tolerance for driving half an hour to buy some milk or fresh vegetables is nearly zero.

If there is one wish I could have come true for the U.S. in 2009 it would be for more, and better, public transportation, especially in places like Phoenix, AZ.