Intranet – Monroe Manor Condominium Association

Monroe Manor Condo AssociationHighlights

  • Role-based Security
  • Document Sharing System
  • Community Calendar
  • Bulletin Board Classified and Messages
  • Self-registration System for Owners


Intranet for all members of the Monroe Manor condo association. System allows site administrators (usually the president of the association or her delegate) to maintain a document repository for all types of association documents. Additionally, the management company has limited access (to help maintain the document repository) but is unable to access the user forums (so the owners can complain about the management company without their knowing about it). All owners have access to the system and can participate in a variety of ways including adding a listing for their unit if it is for sale or rent, posting other classified adds in the Garage Sale section, and commenting on any issue regarding the community in the Owners Forum. Owners can also update their profile indicating, among other things, the units they own. This was one of the first password-protected sites I ever developed (2000).

Technical Info

Written in PHP with MySQL database. Also uses the ADODB PHP database abstraction library.

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