Obligatory Server Room Picture

This is the Clevernet Server Room.

Clevernet Server Room

I took this picture to document our most recent changes to this room and our server network configuration. This is great for geeks, but I don’t think it communicates much to non-techies. In fact, such a site might actually scare some people. They’d rather see the door closed on the cabinet and have it tucked away in the corner, to say the least. Some might even consider the cabinet a potential torture device.

Nevertheless, elements of this picture are frequently our solution for our clients, usually a smaller configuration, but with many of the same components: firewall, file server, hotspot server, switches, ADSL router and cables, all in some kind of housing.

It’s a great solution. For the most part, it just works.

If we want to connect with our target audience, however, we need to show them how maintenance-free the product is and that’s usually accomplished with a picture of a confident, graying man in a suit standing and smiling with his arms crossed. We’re considering using pictures of us goofing off just to be different… We’ll see how this ends up.

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