Teletubbies Mystery

We’ve been watching a lot of Teletubbies lately. I’m fascinated by the set and how they manage to almost always get direct sunlight right smack dab in the middle of England. So, I decided to do a little research and find out where Teletubbies is filmed.

  1. Google Earth .kmz file claiming to pinpoint the location of the outdoor studio
  2. Google maps link to same location above

What I find rather fascinating is that in the first link (viewing via Google Earth), it seems the area in question is only available at a lower resolution, so much lower that you can’t really make out whether it really is the filming location or not.

If they really stopped filming Teletubbies in 2001, why is the Google Earth data so old? Also, did the producers really submit a request to minimize resolution on the studio and if so, for what possible reason?

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