Cross-platform Table-free Web Design

I’ve been experimenting with a couple of tools for creating cross-platform web design. I’m quite happy with the results (which will be used on production sites in the coming weeks). I’m no longer plagued by the woes of differing font sizes, incorrect positioning, CSS hacks, etc. that makes a web developers life misery.

I am using the 960 grid system for managing layout in combination with a blog post on how to get cross browser compatibility every time, a simple list of DOs and DON’Ts when writing the HTML and CSS for the first time.

The combination has been a major time-saver (and FOR ONCE I can have a multi-column design WITHOUT using tables)! I can hardly recommend these two links enough. The only remaining doubts I have are whether to use EMs or pixels for padding and margin sizes. My brief experimentation suggests avoiding setting such values altogether but if they must be set, use pixels.

I’d love to hear about other’s experiences with these tools (and other, similar tools).

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