My Google Reader Starred Items List

Periodically, Russ over at publishes his list of “links for light reading” (an ironic name considering the actual content is usually quite dense). I frequently find several very interesting articles on that list. Not having the time to compile a similar list myself, I looked for a quick and dirty alternative.

Since I use Google Reader I’m in luck. Reader offers the ability to make items “public”. It also allows you to “star” items that then end up on your starred item list. And it offers the ability to merge the two, so, with this blog entry, I formally announce the publication of my starred items list available for your consumption.

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  1. Hi Gustave,

    Thanks for the plug. You are quite right, the “light reading” title did begin as irony.

    Years ago when the Web Standards Group was just starting out, I sent out a couple of links to very long articles and called the post “some links for light reading”. Gradually it became a regular event and people asked me to keep the post title so that they knew when it was coming in. It has been going for around 4 years now – I think – still with the same name 🙂

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