PageRank domain migration follow-up

Several months ago I moved to a subdomain of I expected the PageRank of (4) to flow upstream and increase the PageRank of (3). For months I waited and waited but nothing seemed to happen. In fact, I appeared to have completely lost the PageRank I had for

About a month ago I did several things to try and regain my lost PageRank. Specifically, I planned on asking people linking to the old site to update their links to point to the new location (, but in many cases I was unable to find the authors of those links, or the links came from USENET or forum lists and they couldn’t be changed.

Besides updating incoming links, I fixed several broken links on, added the Google Analytics code to the templates, and added a robots.txt file disallowing indexing of “email to friend” and “print version” pages. And finally, in my last post, I sent a ping to Matt Cutts’ blog in which he asks about international search bugs (which this isn’t but it did seem odd that the PageRank completely disappeared).

I’m not sure which of all of those things was the culprit, but I seem to have regained my PageRank, or at least, I’ve regained a PageRank on (it is now 4).

Over the weekend we moved to a new hosting provider. I do not expect such a move to impact PageRank since all we are doing is changing the IP address. I do wonder, though, how it will affect searches originating from Spain since the new server is housed in Germany and previously we were hosting our web site ourselves right in the Canary Islands. As of this writing, a search for “salir primero en Google” has us at number 1. This holds true when searching from the Canary Islands or from Chicago. We’ll see how this changes over time…

What I find really interesting, though, is that my tedmasterweb subdirectory has a higher PageRank than my main web site ( My theory that a higher ranked subdirectory will boost the main domain has been debunked. It will be interesting to see if that ever changes, especially when we publish the new version of my PHP BBEdit Clippings set (which gave me a PageRank of 5 on some years ago).

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